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Lots of work but it doesn’t look like it

How can I have done so much but it looks so similar to before??  What the what?!


Download v0.3 why not?!  For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m on about, you should download SimCoupé from here if you want to play my games…  You won’t regret it, honestly.

Believe it or not, I consider this worth adding a 0.1 on the version number.    But why?

  • If you wait long enough, you’ll see the lives system works properly now - you can’t see it but when you complete a level, it credits the life back, just like in the real game.
  • You can enter the chute now, that thing in the top-left.  In fact, the cursor starts off inside the chute
  • I’ve also Yahoo’d* for an old routine I remember reading about… it’s a random number generator by Jon Ritman of Head Over Heels fame.  It’s kind of the greatest Spectrum game of all time  (#2, Saboteur II, if you’re interested.  I’m currently fighting a powerful impulse to convert this game as well.  HOH only hasn’t had the treatment because it’s been done to PC by a crack team of ex-SAM-people and other worthy adversaries, aka Retrospec… check it out here… but I crazy digress).  I need a random number generator for the chute server but you can’t see the results yet
  • The cursor has rounded corners!  On the promo shots Domark sent out, the cursor had rounded corners.  Well I worked out how to do it with minimal overhead
  • I’ve included a levels-worth of graphics.  The game recognises a completed level too if it was full…

Hmm.  Maybe I’m not that proud of myself actually.  The big challenge is to ‘throw blocks’, I didn’t know how to start on this until I slowed down the Spectrum emulator to 1% of total speed and saw it’s little secret:  The cursor disappears when blocks are moving!  That’s cheating!  So next job is to crack this problem.

* Or ‘Google’d’… but who says that??!