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Effect teaser

Kefren bars!  50hz!  Mode4!  And with pixel accuracy.  On the SAM.  Never been done before AFAIK.  Maybe I shouldn’t post too much on my secret little project here, but just to let you know I’m not being lazy…

Actually, I’ll add a little bit more here while I’m thinking about it.  It’s surprising how quickly this came together *after* I worked out the whole technique.  I’ve put in a few little bits and pieces to tie the whole thing together and I’m really proud of them.  But getting to the point where I could do it?  That took a *lot* of thought.  The classic Kefrens demo with them on uses hardware trickery on the Amiga (and previously, on the C64) to get the whole screen moving.  SAM doesn’t have that luxury, so it was either use a lower mode or get creative.

This is from my favourite example on C64 - from a big German team called Plush.  It’s the same effect, but there’s a bar printed on every scanline, so it looks more like a mountain road.  They got 2 more effects into a 4K demo in 2004 here, but I’m not that good yet.  I gave up on calculating sine tables and unpacking code at runtime, because, well, SAM has 512K, not 38K free.  Still feels good though.

You want a download?  Tough!  Wait it out!  The whole thing will be finished soon enough.  <3